The Blattodea Culture Group (BCG) is a non-profit-making society with worldwide membership, which was formed in 1986 with the aim of encouraging the study of cockroaches (order Blattodea). Its full colour journal, Cockroach Studies, is printed twice yearly and publishes contributions ranging from articles about keeping cockroaches in captivity and reports about collecting trips; to papers naming new species of cockroaches.

The BCG holds two annual meetings (in England and Germany) where members can meet, listen to talks, and exchange livestock of cockroaches. The Group maintains a list of all the cockroach species kept in captivity worldwide and a high proportion of these species are kept by the BCG's Livestock Coordinator. Surplus stock from these cultures and from cultures kept by members is distributed at BCG meetings.

Visitors to this site who are looking for information about cockroaches (rather than about the BCG) should check out the in-depth article Cockroaches: An Amazing Diversity. A lot of information can also be found in the old BCG Newsletters . In the near future the Database of Cockroach Literature will contain hundreds of out of copyright articles and books about cockroaches.

Anyone visiting this site is very welcome to use The Cockroach Forum to discuss anything and everything about cockroaches. Click on the link to the forum at the top of this page and register if you want to submit posts. You are also welcome to post images of cockroaches for identification into the BCG Image Gallery. To do this you must first create an account using the link on the bottom right of this page.

Macropanesthia rhinoceros. Male. Copyright Natural History Museum, London
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