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BCG members have access to free livestock of dozens of cockroach species; they receive the BCG's informative colour journal Cockroach Studies; they can attend BCG meetings; and they gain access to the Member's Area of this Website were they can download PDFs of articles covering all aspects of the biology, ecology and taxonomy of cockroaches. Why not join the BCG today?

Subscription costs are £14 Sterling for EU members, or £21 Sterling for non-EU members. The cost of subscription pays for two issues of Cockroach Studies, so once you have received two issues you will need to pay again. Payment can be made in two ways: PayPal or by cheque.

Use the PayPal form below to join the BCG, or to renew your membership. Alternatively you may pay by cheque. Cheques should be in Pounds Stirling and made payable to 'The Blattodea Culture Group' and sent to Judith Marshall, Entomology Department, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London SW7 5BD, UK.

Memebrship Type
European Union £14.00Rest of the World £21.00

*Please ensure to include your name, address and contact details when you pay!*

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