Differentiation of Cockroach Taxa by Peptide Hormone Mass Fingerprints: Periplaneta Burmesiter (Blattidae) and Lucihormetica Zompro & Fritzsche (Blaberidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:J. Lammel, Neupert, S., Predel, R.
Journal:Cockroach Studies
Start Page:17
Date Published:08/2007
Keywords:Blattaria, Blattodea, Neuropeptides

Neuropeptides of the taxa Periplaneta (Blattidae) and Lucihormetica (Blaberidae) were analysed from single specimens by means of mass spectrometry. The resulting mass spectra revealed a clear differentiation of the respective species by peptide hormone mass fingerprints. This is the first attempt to catalogue neuropeptides of cockroaches for taxonomic purposes.

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