Committee Meeting 12/04/2008: Minutes


Ed Baker, George Beccaloni, Phil Bragg [Mantis Study Group representative] , Darren Mann, Adrian Durkin, Ingo Fritzsche, Judith Marshall


Kai Schuette, Oliver Zompro

1. Role of Membership Secretary

Judith has taken over Roland’s role as membership secretary for European members, and is willing to
continue in this capacity for ‘a year or so’. Phil is not keen to take on this position.

The group now has a Sterling account, and members can pay via PayPal using George’s account.

Judith pointed out that at present new members do not receive anything confirming their membership. It was
suggested that a ‘membership pack’ containing a welcome letter, species list, etc. was sent to new members as happens in the PSG).

2. Membership Period

George raised the point that there is no clear indication of when people last paid their subscription. Phil
suggested that we assume that all members have paid until the end of the current year.

Two possible arrangements were suggested for the membership period:

  1. A yearly subscription
  2. A payment for two issues of Cockroach Studies

The payment for two isssues was favoured by the majority.

3. How many members?

Roland has added all paid members that have joined via him to the membership list of the website. Judith has records of all members that have joined through her. George added these before the meeting, giving us a complete and up-to-date register of members.

4. Mantis Study Group

Prior to the meeting some members had talked about the possibility of a merger with the dormant Mantis Study Group. There was some concern by Adrian and Darren, however Phil stated that his current priority was just to make the old MSG Newsletters available online. Ed suggested the creation of a new Scratchpad, which would allow this objective to be achieved for free, and would be scalable if the group was reformed.

5. Possible articles for next Cockroach Studies

The next issue of Cockroach Studies has a number of possible articles:

  • Darren Mann x2
  • Adrian x1
  • Leonid x1
  • Judith x1
  • Allan Harman x1
  • Ian Abercrombie x1
  • Ed (1 or possibly 2)

6. Cockroach Studies frequency

Ingo suggested that one issue per year would be best, being cheaper than two issues. The amount of content submitted so far also only warranted one issue per year.

Ed suggested that two issues has the benefit of being able to communicate regularly members. Adrian
expressed concern that additional communications by e-mail would neglect some members who do not have e-mail addresses.

Ingo suggested that a photographic guide to all species in culture could make an entire issue, and that
this could be used for raising funds if it was additionally sold outside of the group.

As the last issue was in August 2007 it was decided that it would be good to publish asap. Darren said his
articles would be ready by the end of May, so this was agreed as a deadline for all articles.

Ingo said that printing CS without a thicker cover may save up to half the printing cost, Darren
said that the colour print quality inside the last CS was good enough to be used for printing the cover. The committee agreed that this was a good idea.

Between the German and UK accounts, and the money Adrian is holding for the group we have enough to produce two issues of the journal this year.

Roland’s company is still willing to pay for the postage of the journal, and may make a contribution towards the printing of the next issue.

6. Date of next meeting

No dates have yet been arranged. There will be a German meeting in September, and a UK meeting at around this time (April) next year.

7. Any Other Business

Adrian said that the meeting went well and had a good turn out, which was agreed by all present.

Adrian also noted that the livestock exchange was mainly of species that everybody had already, and some members took livestock they did not necessarily want to clear the table, however there was none left over and nobody was pushed to take any. It was suggested that members made use of the forum to arrange livestock exchanges prior to the meeting.

Adrian raised the possibility of the group attending exhibitions, such as the AES. Phil suggested having a joint BCG/PSG stand. Adrian said that he was willing to man the stall as long as somebody else also volunteered so that he could also view the other exhibits. Darren offered to help assuming that he was available.

George asked Ingo if the group could place an advert in Arthropoda, and Ingo agreed.

Judith suggested writing a statement from the committee following the meeting that would be e-mailed or posted to all members, which was agreed by the commitee.

Darren volunteered to print out selected information from the website to be posted to members who do
not have e-mail addresses. Ed will send Darren relevant PDF files of these pages for printing.

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