Colapteroblatta darlingtoni: It's still alive!

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:E. Gutierrez
Journal:Cockroach Studies
Start Page:11
Date Published:08/2007
Keywords:Bkattodea, Blattaria, Dominican Republic, Epilamprinae, Hispaniola, Insecta

Colapteroblatta darlingtoni Roth & Gutierrez, 1998, was rediscovered in its type locality 67 years after it was first collected by P. J. Darlington on his 1938 collecting trip to Valle Nuevo, Dominican Republic (Hispaniola). Field observations, taxonomic comments and pictures of a living specimen of this species and of its natural habitat, are presented. Relevant literature about the life and work of Dr P. J. Darlington and Dr Louis M. Routh are listed.

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