April 2008: BCG Meeting in London

The meeting held on 12 April at the Natural History Museum, London was a great success. There were three talks (Hissing Cockroaches in Madagascar by George Beccaloni; An Introduction to the BCG Website by Ed Baker; and Collecting Cockroaches in Borneo by Phil Bragg) plus a video of Adrian Durkin's recent TV appearance. 20 people attended the meeting and two new members were signed up, including Rachel, our youngest member, aged 9. The photo below shows some of the people who attended.

View the Meeting Report
View the Committee Meeting Minutes 

People at the 2008 NHM meeting

Front Row, left to right:- Lee Davies, David Nicholson, Rachel McLeod, George Beccaloni, Judith Marshall, Ingo Fritzsche, Joss McLeod

Back row, left to right:- Allan Harman, Mary Salton, Darren Mann, Adrian Durkin, Gavin Ridley, Chris Raeburn, Ed Baker, Phil Bragg, Martin Stiewe

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